Thank You and Welcome

Last year, I volunteered to be Docent Coordinator, not having a clue about what   that would really entail. Since the museum opened years ago, it seemed we   relied on the same few people to give up their days to be at the site, greet people, and talk about our wonderful displays. Those folks seemed to need a break. 

I began my job by phoning every single person on the membership list. I met, by   phone, members I didn't even know. I might have seen and even talked to some   of those members at our events, but putting names to faces on the phone just   didn't work for me. The response was more than I had anticipated as people   were eager to do their part (other than for bake sales) for our museum.   

Volunteers were really enthusiastic about doing something different, being at the museum, and talking to tourists or community folks who came by. Later, many told me the more people who came in, the more fun it was. They said days when only few came in just seemed to drag by. 

One day when I was a docent, a tourist family came in and a young man seemed   interested in our square piano. I asked him if he played and he consented to do so. Well, from that old rinky-dink piano came professionally sounding classical music! The piano was superbly played although still sounding rinky-dink. Amazing! Now Nancy Johnson does play a mean rinky-dink piano, but plays tunes of the time. So hearing a classical piece was a surprise! 

I surely do want to give my appreciation to all the "new" people who were docents in 2019. I hope your day was worthwhile and that your interest and appreciation of our Shingletown heritage rubbed off on the visitors. You showed people around, described our exhibits, sold books and really promoted our community. THANK YOU! Of course the same goes to the very dependable old timers who have been doing this since our museum opened. 

Once Layla has the new 2020 exhibits up, a new description will be written for   docents to peruse. Not a whole lot of changes, as some exhibits are rather   permanent. There will be new items in the main room and also in the Tool   Museum in 2020. Can't wait! 

Everyone can again expect a phone call. If you can't be a docent, we can at least just visit on the phone. Docents teams of two members are needed Tuesdays and Saturdays, 11 :00 to 3:00 from June to October. Think about one day, a couple, or all season. 

Talk to you later, Bea Nevins, SHS Docent Coordinator