Our endeavor to Bring Back the Best 185 to Shingletown has come to an end.  The following is an email from OMOC.


Dear Friends,

We received many inspiring, and qualified applications to the RFP (request for proposal) for ownership of the Best Steam Tractor.

The lengthy process of selecting a new home and steward for this important and widely loved piece of steam history involved careful drafting of the RFP, research to identify potential applicants, and detailed analysis of applications by a team of curators, collections managers and administration.  Museum staff carefully assessed long term financial satiability, adherence to museum standards, fit with mission, educational impact and visitor access, security and environmental conditions of facility, capacity to insure and qualified staffing, among many other factors.  The five applications we received demonstrated enormous passion and dedication to preserving and interpreting steam history, and all the applicants shared regional historic links to the Tractor.

After lengthy consideration our committee has concluded that Roots of Motive Power, in Willits California, is best suited to carry forward the restoration, public display, and educational interpretation of the Best Steam Tractor.  Roots, which had the Tractor on loan from OMOC for 12 years, will now be able to move ahead with the long sought restoration, care and interpretation which only full ownership allows.  We are thrilled that this essential artifact of West Coast engineering and pioneer history will again serve a broad public, in renewed glory.

We truly appreciate the time, care, and recourses you have invested in submitting an application, as well as your patience during the process, and we wish you great success in your future exhibition and restoration projects.

Warm regards,

Valerie Huaco

Director of Collections

Oakland Museum of California

1000 Oak Street, Oakland, Ca 94607



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