The Mission of the Shingletown Historical Society is to collect, conserve and communicate historical information about our area and its people. As a living resource for teachers, students, historians, residents and visitors, the Society will maintain innovative exhibits, publish materials, and promote education. It will serve as a bridge connecting all generations to go forward with new and exciting ideas while being knowledgeable about the importance of preserving the past.

History is made every day!



A Short History

Back in 1961 a small group of long time Shingletown residents decided it was high time to collect in one area the illustrious history and artifacts of the “Ridge”.  Many families agreed that it would be nice to have their family heirlooms and collectibles housed in a local museum. The seed was planted.

The first official newsletter was printed and distributed in January 1981 under the title of the “Mt. Lassen Historical Society”.  The official name of the historical society was changed to the “Shingletown Historical Society” in 1991.

In 2001 the Shingletown Historical Society became a Non-Profit 501c organization.  Tax exempt status is still an ongoing issue to this day (2014) with regard to properties owned by the Society.

In July of 2013, the Shingletown Square complex of three buildings was purchased by the Society. The main room of the center building facing Hwy 44 will become the intended Museum, which has been long in coming.

In 2015 the Shingletown Historical Society had the grand opening of the long awaited Museum.


The museum continues to display a changing exhibition, and you can read more on the current exhibitions and hours on the Museum page.